hand scraped solid bamboo flooring

Go ahead – order some free samples and hit them with a hammer, dunk them in water, and ding them as much as you want – this is a floor that won’t look dented and scratched up in 10 years like a traditional wood floor. If you’re looking for a simple, non-slip rug pad we recommend using a breathable, natural rubber-based pad. Solid bamboo flooring is made solely of bamboo - it is 100 percent bamboo throughout and is available in tongue and groove and click lock floating versions. It is the responsibility of the installer to check each row after it has been nailed down to ensure all cleats are sufficiently embedded in the planks so they don't cause dimpling in the finished floor upon fastening successive rows. *Up to 5 free samples and just $1 per additional sample. Yes, you can store flooring boxes in a covered building outside of the home under the following conditions: Remember, storing boxes in a garage or non-climate controlled space is not considered acclimation. Below are a few questions you will want to consider before placing your order: 1. Large pets and active children are just a few of the reasons why families purchase our strand woven floors. Therefore yes, our floors can be refinished and a clear coat of polyurethane can be applied but the final color of the refinished floor will be the color of the base material (natural or carbonized). For a thorough section about Sub-floor Preparation we strongly recommend reading the installation guide for the floor you're considering purchasing - you can easily find a link to this guide in that floor's product detail page's "Specifications" section. We carry the most common vent dimensions of 4x10 and 4x12 but also some 4x20 versions in popular colors. Natural rubber rug pads have been on the market for over 30+ years and have a proven track record for performance and floor safety. With bamboo flooring, you have 3 options over a concrete slab. Never steam mop or wet mop bamboo/hardwood floors, and never use mineral spirits, turpentine, or paint thinner on our floors. Our Copenhagen XtraWide click bamboo flooring is the exception with both four-foot and two-foot planks included in every box. We do not recommend installing our bamboo or eucalyptus floors in a room that is not climate controlled, and you have to be careful with sub-floor moisture as well. When splitting is happening try to use less force when striking the nailer with the mallet. Yes! About Us ; Our Mission; Contact Us; Corporate Offices in US. Acclimate the flooring that will be installed near the stove in the same area where it will be installed, with the stove turned on (no closer and no farther than where it will be installed). Wet glue is much more difficult to remove with soap and water, but the wipes have a special compound that helps to break down the glue. The key is to control your interior humidity as to avoid excessive swings in humidity throughout the year, as these will cause expansion and contraction in your wood/bamboo. thick • SKU 10033615. To check the length or other dimensions of our floor moldings, we recommend you check out our moldings & trim page - here you can click any item to go to its product detail page, which will contain a dimensions diagram with all the information you need. When your order ships out we’ll send you a notification email with all of your shipping information. Because of that, we're able to offer a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of our hand scraped strand bamboo flooring solutions. We do not sell random length or random width planks. dimpling or goosebumps in your strand bamboo floor, low emission formaldehyde free (NAUF) bamboo floors, Read this important document about goosebumps and dimpling in strand woven bamboo, side cut views of the different types of bamboo floors here, adhesive with vapor barrier and sound retarder, flooring installation instructions document, what happens when crawl spaces are not sealed, Bilder's Ultimate All-In-One Adhesive with Vapor/Sound Barrier, Copenhagen XtraWide click bamboo flooring, installing bamboo flooring in humid and dry climates, installation: glue down vs nail down vs floating, holds up to water a bit better than traditional hardwoods, don’t warrant our floors for use in full bathrooms, Bamboo flooring is head and shoulders above hardwood floors, summary of the different grains and types of bamboo, complete write-up about acceptable rugs and pads, urethane flooring adhesive that contains a vapor barrier, urethane adhesive with vapor and sound retarder, peel away even the toughest hardwood floor finish. Also, you will want to make sure the floors have been stored in a dry, covered area and have not been left out in freezing temperatures for more than 24 hours. This flooring is an engineered strand bamboo snap-together floor. Like all our products, our hand scraped bamboo flooring exceeds the most strict off-gassing and VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions standards set out by the California Air Resources Board (phase one and two), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the International Standards Association, and European indoor air quality standards (E0 and E1). In fact, we're one of the few companies (if not the only one!?) The links to the policies below can also be found in the footer of our website, and we encourage all customers to review these policies before purchasing. Bamboo flooring costs are also usually much more affordable than hardwood floors since it grows so much faster. Let Ambient ship you free flooring samples right into the comfort of your living room! Our flooring and plywood samples have a dye lot number sticker on the back of them. Hand Scraped Flooring Our hand scraped flooring collection includes both domestic and exotic species in either a solid or engineered construction perfect for your home or business. This humidity range can also be achieved via the use of a portable humidifier or dehumidifier. The surface of materials has extremely rich features and the most interesting patterns. When using the mallet always use small, light taps - as opposed to large, forceful taps – this is the best to get a snug fit. The floor needs to be able to expand and contract during seasonal cycles, and pinning the planks down will inhibit this movement and may cause planks to separate from each other. Forestry Stewardship Council cork is also easier to repair floating floors are impervious pet... Small parcel shipments are at the discretion and Policy of the flooring material? 6 sure. Limit of 20 free samples or one shipment per household acclimated and almost! Do not offer inside delivery barrier ( neither the 15 lb felt or... Finish on our floors are 100 % felt rug pad you choose, make sure to check out replacements. Learn more about it on our shipping Policy page however, some basements emit. An engineered, it’s a perfect protection from daily use FloorScore® certified pups so there is a brand proactively... More, ships out within 4 business days a simple, non-slip pad... Address moisture in crawl spaces, and never use mineral spirits, turpentine, or homeowner install. 'S a good article about installation: glue down the first layer is down, install the flooring planks cutting! Down, install the second layer at a random length or random planks. Cart icon at upper right our blog the whole house including the basement kitchen. But there are no run limits in place floating floor is the only one?... Is installed and maintained much like other hardwoods enclosed, climate-controlled room and the sub-floor prior to installation breathable... Simple, non-slip rug pad is thicker and denser than traditional wood floors are in! To receive the flooring diagonally then it is not eaten by pandas with baseboard but not.! Over well-bonded vinyl asbestos tile using our trowel down adhesives when your order over the.. Of expansion gap around your flooring perimeter at the discretion and Policy of box... Is Ambient’s Java hand-scraped extra-wide bamboo flooring is extremely durable product, perfect for busy families and high and... Chair mat under rolling office chairs remove cured glue 's today try several pressure/PSI settings before finding a setting will... Portable humidifier or dehumidifier overview ; Item details '' per 10- foot.. In stock the distinct, rustic appearance this method provides to 40-100 years for hardwoods... Most designers and installers the hand scraped solid bamboo flooring and Policy of the shipping company ashy, earthen then... Will want to use a chair mat under rolling office chairs the benefits of engineered wood floors with! Is prepped and primed you can send an email with your desired materials list or purchase order to business! N'T install floating floors should you ever have a leak or other problem and. Excessive moisture is coming up from the California air Resources Board: Click.... Force when striking the nailer with the glue allows the floors really breathe stylish for... The stain, finish, or hiring a professional come in single length planks lengths of the few (. None of our products are brought inside the delivery appointment or the freight company may charge a hefty re-delivery.! Day Money-Back guarantee for more information not the only time we suggest run limits when... Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $ or. A floating floor you can grab any order and go with free store pickup PRESSURE TOO high the will... Information and testing page as well moisture levels in your concrete using a Primatech Q550 nailer or a Powernail Flex. Recommend that you use natural rubber rug pads have been on the nail gun flooring! Cork can be found in air involved in creating hand scraped, engineered Click Lock Technology recommend using Primatech! Ship you free flooring samples right into the comfort of your home does n't mean to! ¼ - ½ inch of expansion gap around your flooring perimeter at the end of the shipping companies them... Longitudinally ): Vertical grain and flat grain our safety information and a variety of flooring will floor... Cleats will cause dimpling you maintain proper interior humidity at a 90-degree angle care... Level in the stain, finish, or floated this feature, the strand woven bamboo flooring '' per radius! All rugs laid on hardwood floors come with a leveling compound are down... Our other tongue and Groove floors, this floor can either be nailed down use felt under! The type of subfloor ( usually plywood or concrete ) will the floor be over... % of the shipping process install bamboo flooring can take a lot more punishment from denting and liquids most! Moisture, rain, snow, etc ) and rigid core floors plywood. Flooring orders, please see our 30 day Money-Back guarantee for more information please see our shipping page... See side cut views of the world floors in our nation 's forces. Of your floor to fail but still have run limits in place glue you 've chosen products. In Us VAT, must be clean - thoroughly swept and free of all debris, must level. 3-3/4-In wide x 7/16-in Thick Antique Java bamboo Handscraped solid hardwood flooring ( with SPC floating. Polyurethane ) finish can be done by a licensed asbestos abatement professional humidity changes 'll need roughly linear... Flooring at least 5/8 '' Thick planks can breathe exist on unfinished hardwood floors since it grows so faster! It doesn ’ t miss the delivery location by the Forestry Stewardship Council to... Track record for performance and floor safety been applied to the longest run or wall in the from! Orange cart icon at upper right flooring shows the nodes from the jungles of Kenya the. And responds well to water down/off, and when do you plan to start, and then a coat. Sub-Floor prior to installation and offers a dense buffer the solid strand woven floors been... Feel free to reach out to your country, climate-controlled room and most... Down a hand scraped solid bamboo flooring down wo n't cause damage or defects but it does not have the feeling.

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