absolute d5 reservoir system

This makes reassembly a piece of cake as well as eliminates potential o-ring unseating issues. T C is the absolute temperature (Kelvins) of the cold reservoir, T H is the absolute temperature (Kelvins) of the hot reservoir. If a customer is misleading about the defect and evidence of incorrect install/use or tampering has occurred, the return my denied and a higher restock fee may be assessed or the return may be completely denied. And because our machining and acrylic expansion negligible, the top cap can easily be hand removed for venting PC loops and maintenance.

PrimoChill.com is not responsible for return items lost by the carrier. Strong, silent, and reliable with 50k hours and 5 year lifespan. Alphacool Eisball Digital RGB 700ml Reservoir / Pump Combo - Acrylic (incl. Isopropyl alcohol will instantly destroy a flamed reservoir and not a CNC cast reservoir. MACHINED VORTEX BREAKER The vortex breaker deserves an upgrade. Thread tapping is the industry standard because it’s easy and any budget drill press can do it. By including the mounting in the metal base, not only is the mounting incredibly strong, but you can achieve a completely screw-free look in your PC builds.

Products that have had fluid ran through them are subject to these higher restock fees.

Optimus uses only cast acrylic tubes from premium name-brand suppliers like Plexiglas® by Arkema and Polycast™ by Spartech. Simply enter your email address below to join! Aqua Computer, the German specialist for water cooling systems, introduces a new series of high-quality reservoirs made of glass. And vario knobs add another point of failure.

The Optimus reservoir is assembled with stainless steel screws into only 6061-T6 metal threads, never acrylic or acetal threads. Back mounting holes compatible with slot mounts like NZXT cases.